Workers Say More Benefits Equals More Work Satisfaction

August 29, 2006 ( - A competitive salary, full health care coverage and a company-matched 401(k) plan were ranked among the top three benefits employees want from their employers, according to a recent survey on employee satisfaction.

The online survey of more than 1,000 US workers by Harris Interactive on behalf of workplace management firm Kronos found that more than 80% of workers say employer-sponsored programs or activities to help boost work satisfaction are important; however, only 36% of employers offer these activities. The survey then makes the connection between worker performance and satisfaction level, with 82% of those surveyed saying that their satisfaction with their employer propels them to go above and beyond their job duties.

The survey also found that in addtion to competitive pay, full health care coverage and 401(k) matching, employees also want a more flexible schedule, shorter work weeks and bonus programs.

When asked why they are satisfied with their employer, the top three reasons were that workers liked their boss, were treated with respect and were happy with their pay.

Workers that aren’t satisfied say their employer could change that by hiking their pay, being more respectful and taking note of good employee performance. Some 78% of these respondents say they would do a better job if these employers implemented some of these programs.

Other findings of the Kronos survey include:

  • 61% of employed adults say they are not experiencing the benefits of an improved economy in their work life, a four-percentage point increase from last year’s survey.
  • 67% of adults employed six months or longer at their current job say their job responsibilities/work activities/workload increased over the last six months
  • Half of adults employed six months or longer at their current job received a pay raise during that time.
  • 58% of employed Americans say they would, or maybe would, consider leaving their current employer if the economy continues to improve.
  • 74% of survey participants are either actively or passively looking for a new job.
  • 41% of those actively or passively looking for a new job have looked for a new job while at work compared to 39% in last year’s study.

Another survey released in August tried to gauge what leads to employee satisfaction found that a company’s loyalty to its workers can greatly impact worker performance and satisfaction (See Differences Between Employers and Workers Can Be Hurtful ).