Workplace Gadget Geeks Have 56-Hour Work Weeks

August 25, 2009 ( - A survey in Ireland found technogeeks armed with company Blackberrys or smartphones work an extra 16 hours per week on average.

A report on said the survey by employment law firm Peninsula Ireland found 57% of people with the devices admitted checking and replying to work email before they go to bed and first thing in the morning.

Those without the technogadgets work an average 40-week while those armed with a Blackberry focus on work issues for 56 hours per week. Some 654 staff were surveyed throughout July and August

“The likes of Blackberry devices means that Irish workers are always contactable, it seems the working day just doesn’t end for many,” said lan Price, Peninsula Ireland managing director, in the news report. “So what may be good for business may not necessarily be right for employees. The recession has forced everyone to become more productive and for those with access to work at home, this is an opportunity for them to catch up or get ahead.”

Nearly half of respondents to another recent UK survey said business mobile phones infringe on their personal lives and freedom (see Don’t Call Me at Home ).

In one recent PLANSPONSOR survey, 36.1% of respondents said they would check email while on vacation, nearly 27% would check in via voicemail, and roughly 8% said they would actually call in (see Survey Says: Will You Use All of Your Vacation This Year? ).