World Equity Market Registers Strong Growth in April

May 8, 2006 ( - Developed world equity markets registered a strong gain of 3.06% in April, according to data from Standard & Poor's (S&P).

Europe was the strongest performing market with a 5.29% gain in April, followed by Asia-Pacific with a gain of 4.06%, S&P data showed.   North America registered a 1.48% return.

Developed world currencies rose significantly against the US dollar, with the Singapore dollar gaining 2.31% and the Australian dollar rising 6.41%.

The larger-cap S&P/Citigroup Primary Market Index (+3.15%) outperformed the smaller-cap S&P/Citigroup Extended Market Index (+2.75%).  However, the European small-caps EMI gained 5.99% versus 5.07% for the large-caps PMI.

The Energy and Materials sectors remained the top sector performers, returning 6.35% and 6.03% respectively.  The Metals & Mining industry, which makes up nearly half of the Materials sector, rose 8.28% in April aided by rising commodity prices. 

The complete S&P World by Numbers report can be accessed  here .