World Events Do Not Sway International Assignments

June 8, 2004 ( - World events have little bearing on executives accepting overseas posts, while family considerations weigh heavily on these considerations.

Only 13% of survey respondents said they would refuse a future assignment due to world events and 12% responded that they would also refuse based on their current assignment experience. The results are not universal, however, as international assignees with company headquarters in the Americas report they are less likely (16%) to accept another assignment than their peers in other regions of the world, according to a poll conducted by Cendant Mobility.

In fact, when contemplating accepting an overseas position, respondents were most motivated by the opportunity for an interesting work challenge (27%). By comparison, only 2% ranked compensation as their top motivator and even fewer rank benefits as a top reason or the fact they felt they could not turn the post down.

Executives also have considerations about the professional development of their spouses. More than half (58%) of the assignees in dual-career families said they believe career opportunities for the spouse plummet while on assignment.

The respondent pool was drawn from a broad cross-section of executives on international assignment in 52 host countries. Most of the executives surveyed (70%) were on long-term expatriate assignment. More information and a copy of the survey can be obtained by contacting Cendant Mobility’s Public Relations Manager, Samantha Rider at .