Yahoo! Resumix Rolls Out Resume Service

April 18, 2003 ( - Corporate recruiters looking to separate the cream of the influx of resumes for open positions may be interested in the newest addition to the Yahoo! Resumix platform, Hiring Gateway.

The new Yahoo! Resumix platform is designed to assist hiring managers and recruiters in finding the best candidate for open positions in a real-time environment, according to the Yahoo! Resumix Web site.

This is accomplished though a number of improvements such as:

  • separately  designed dashboards for recruiters and hiring managers
  • search and extraction technology designed to match candidates to job openings, applying 250,000 rules to extract the best candidates from a database of resumes
  • ability to use the current employee’s resume to help with the search for a candidate with similar skills.

Further, the system offers integration with HR solutions from Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, and Lawson.   Typical pricing for Hiring Gateway starts at around $200,000 for on-premise deployment. However, the exact pricing is determined by the number of users accessing the system and the amount of professional services involved.   More information can be found at .