Young People Come to Work with Lofty Intentions

January 23, 2007 ( - Employers bringing college students into their workforce need to understand the young people are coming to them more idealistic and interested in making the world better than before.

A news release from Boston-based Experience, an online job site aimed at college students and alumni, said its recent survey of students found 27% ranked making a difference in the world as being most important to them, while 15% ranked professional success in the top spot. Some 47% of college students agreed people can achieve professional success while promoting global changes, and 33% said the two go hand-in-hand

Major public policy issues the young people were specifically most interested in, according to the release, included:

  • Human health – 23%,
  • Human rights – 22%,
  • Environmental and climate change – 19%,
  • Economic development and poverty – 17%,
  • Access to education – 17%,
  • International security and terrorism – 16%, and
  • Effects of technological development – 11%.

According to the survey, when asked what most dramatically influenced their choice of top issues of concern,30% said family and relatives, 22% said the media, and 20% said teachers/professors. Fifteen percent reported activists as the most dramatic influence, and 12% gave credit to their friends/classmates.

Finally, the respondents were asked who bears the primary responsibility for pursuing the global policy issues:

  • 49% said the government should be the most responsible for solving global issues,
  • 34% said individuals bear the most responsibility, and
  • 38% of college students said they are somewhat active in promoting global issues, but they would like to do more.

The survey was completed in November 2006. Students who opted-in to receive communications from Experience were invited to participate in the online poll, and more than 2,800 students responded. More information is at .