Aon Unit to Offer Compensation Consulting

September 5, 2007 ( - Radford Surveys + Consulting, a unit of Aon Consulting Worldwide has introduced Radford Advisory Services, a new solution that offers customized compensation analysis enabling clients to assess and improve their compensation programs.

According to the announcement, Radford Advisory Services offers clients customized market analysis and personalized one-on-one services including:

  • Outsourced assistance for Radford survey input, from job matching to completing the survey submission;
  • Guidance on how to interpret and apply survey results within a specific client context to meet compensation objectives; and
  • Delivery of Advisory Services market analysis directly to the client to facilitate a discussion of results and implications.

Radford Advisory Services produces reports that include equity trends, data on board of directors compensation to make sure Securities and Exchange requirements are met, and comparisons to market data.

For more information on Radford Advisory Services, visit .