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The team of Steve Cirenese, Karrie Morisette, Sharon Scussel, Caitlin Shipley and Nancy Thibault shows its versatility, addressing a wide array of client needs.
Mass Mutual, Caitlin Shipley, Karrie Morisette, Sharon Scussel (Photograph by James Rajotte)
Mass Mutual, Caitlin Shipley, Karrie Morisette, Sharon Scussel (Photograph by James Rajotte)
  • Client
    McLaren Health Care Corp.
  • Industry
    Health care organization (not for profit)
  • Client Headquarters
    Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Plan Assets/Participants
    >$500mm – $1b/24,000

BIOS: Steve Cirenese, client engagement manager, has over 12 years’ experience in the retirement industry. Karrie Morisette, director, client management, leads the McLaren service team. Sharon Scussel, regulatory advisory services consultant, has over 25 years of industry experience. Caitlin Shipley, communication consultant, delivers communication programs to employees. Nancy Thibault, senior account manager, leads the day-to-day management of the plan.

Donna Aho, director of corporate retirement services at McLaren Health Care Corp., “recognizes the MassMutual team for its amazing support on numerous projects.”

For McLaren, a large integrated health network, the past year required a lot of the team’s attention. The organization converted employee contributions from a flat dollar amount to a percentage, which involved communicating with approximately 2,000 employees plus offering the opportunity for individual meetings. Additionally, it launched a new-hire video—now part of its employee university and onboarding process—that will educate more than 3,000 employees annually about its plans.

“We work closely with the MassMutual team because we are constantly transitioning plans into our system,” Aho says. Also during that time, McLaren merged over 300 employees under a new contracted subscriber, only to have the direction reversed at the last minute. “I can’t tell you how many times they’ve had to help us with corrections,” she says.

In another example of how the team excels, Aho says, a facility in Northern Michigan was about to merge with McLaren; meanwhile, the McLaren team was tied up with other projects. The MassMutual team went to educate the facility’s employees—and has stepped in this way at other times, as well.
McLaren holds planning meetings with the MassMutual team annually. “We told them we have trouble getting people engaged in educational meetings, so we mutually came up with the idea of retirement plan parties,” Aho says. “We’ve held about 40 over the whole McLaren system.”

Says Karrie Morisette, MassMutual’s director, client management, who leads the team, “We work in a continuous improvement environment to achieve participant engagement goals. Each team member is passionate about improving retirement outcomes for the employees of McLaren.”

—Rebecca Moore

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