Benefits Broker Introduces Platform to Explore Various Benefit Offerings

With the Nava Benefits Search Engine, employers can browse more than 600 benefits offerings of all types and find unbiased reviews, benchmarking data and more.

As employers seek more diversity in employee benefits offerings, benefits brokerage firm Nava has launched a platform for employers to explore their various options.

The Nava Benefits Search Engine includes more than 600 benefits offerings. Employers can browse a wide range of modern, digital-friendly benefits offerings across 28 benefits categories, including telehealth, fertility, addiction, wellness coaching, direct primary care, tuition assistance, mental health and more.

According to Nava, more than 155 million Americans get benefits, including health care, through their employer. But with employers as a primary distribution channel for benefits, it’s uncertain how many Americans are able to access new wave, digital-first benefits, which are often proven to reduce out-of-pocket spending and improve outcomes. Nava adds that employers might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of benefit options available and lack the reliable information they need to evaluate and implement them across the organization.

As a result, Human Resources leaders are often searching Google, sorting through plans written in code or having fragmented conversations with peers through text messages, Slack or online forums, the company says.

Within the Nava Benefits Search Engine, employers can browse benefit categories, like “mental health” or “fertility”, or search for a specific vendor. Users will find detailed vendor information, unbiased reviews from other HR leaders and benchmarking data to help them understand which benefits similar companies offer to their employees. Together, these tools allow HR professionals to search, compare and get pricing for any vendor with speed, ease and freedom from sales-pressure.

“Employers are facing intense labor market pressure to stay competitive with their benefits, and the stakes have never been higher,” says Brandon Weber, Nava’s co-founder and CEO. “But for too long, they have struggled to figure out which benefits they should offer, which vendors they should consider and how much these benefits will cost. That changes today with the Nava Benefits Search Engine.”

More information about the Nava Benefits Search Engine is here.