EEOC Accuses Pro-family Group of Pregnancy Discrimination

October 2, 2009 ( - Though its Web site claims it is "dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the American family," Better Family Life, Inc. stands accused of discrimination for rescinding an employment offer to a pregnant woman.

In a press release, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says the community development organization took back the offer for employment after finding out the woman was pregnant.

According to the EEOC’s suit , a representative of Better Family Life telephoned Davis to ask her if she would be interested in the job of employment lead trainer, and Davis responded that she wanted the job. During a call to set up a meeting for Davis to fill out hiring paperwork, she told the representative that she was pregnant. On the morning of the date of the meeting, Better Family Life left a voice-mail message for Davis canceling the meeting and rescinding the job offer because she was pregnant, the EEOC says.

“A family-oriented organization like Better Family Life should be particularly sensitive to the fact that pregnant women are capable of working and should be allowed to work,” said Barbara A. Seely, Regional Attorney of the St. Louis District, in the press release.