Finance Execs Say Average CEO is Overpaid, but not Their Own

October 10, 2008 ( - In a national survey of CFOs and senior comptrollers conducted by Grant Thornton LLP, 66% of respondents said the average CEO is overpaid, but only 25% feel the same about their own company's CEO.

One-third of respondents indicated that considering total pay and benefits package, the average CEO is appropriately paid, while nearly two-thirds said their own CEO is appropriately paid. Fourteen percent of financial executives surveyed claim their company’s CEO is underpaid.

As in last year’s survey, eight in ten respondents (83%) indicated they feel the roles of CEO and chairman of the board should be separate from each other (See 80% of Finance Executives Say CEO and Chairmanship Should be Separate ).

The vast majority of finance executives (94%) also said shareholders should be able to access proxies online.

Grant Thornton LLP conducted the national survey electronically from September 8th through September 19th, 2008, with 688 chief financial officers and senior comptrollers.