Health Care for Uninsured Biggest Workplace Issue

October 8, 2004 ( - Government involvement in providing health care to the uninsured ranks atop a list of critical workplace issues, according to human resource practitioners.

A poll, conducted by the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA) and the Legislation Action Committee of the Houston Human Resource Management Association (HR Houston), showed that 38% of those polled ranked the health-care issue as the most important out of a group of six possible choices.

Allowing comp time for private sector employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act ranked as the second most important issue, with an average ranking of 3.34 out of the six choices. Other choices were:

  • government action on offshoring (with an average rank of 3.40).
  • possible expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act (at an average rank of 3.59).
  • restructuring the Equal Employee Opportunity Commission (at an average rank of 3.67).
  • H-1B immigration visa reform (with an average rank of 3.93).

Over 1,800 members of NEHRA, HR Houston, and local human resources associations were polled. The full survey is available online at .