Many Workers not Happy with Job Recognition

February 23, 2011 ( - The first semi-annual report for the newly-launched Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker shows many employees are not happy with the recognition they receive for their work.

While 68% of those surveyed feel appreciated at their jobs, 41% of workers are not satisfied with the level of recognition they receive for doing good work. Forty-three percent of U.S. workers indicated they had not been recognized in the past three months.   

In addition, 55% said they felt they were not rewarded according to job performance, according to a press release.  

The vast majority (85%) of U.S. workers surveyed like to have their efforts at work recognized. However, respondents indicated that most managers are not doing it effectively, the announcement said.   

Thirty-three percent of respondents said their manager or supervisor does not effectively acknowledge and appreciate them at work. A similar percentage of those surveyed (36%) indicate their intent to search for a new job in 2011.  

Survey data from the Globoforce Mood Tracker also demonstrates an opportunity for companies to more effectively recognize employees, who want to know the impact and value of their work. Seventy-eight percent of respondents confirmed that being recognized for their efforts motivated them in their job. However, 66% of those same respondents stated their company doesn’t have a recognition program that provides awards based on performance or behaviors tied to its core values. 

Nearly a quarter of U.S. workers (24%) don’t know their company’s core values while more than one-third (37%) don’t know their company’s goals for 2011.   

The Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker study was commissioned by Globoforce and conducted on January 7-8, 2011 by independent market research firm MarketTools, Inc., through an online panel of fully employed persons (age 18 or older) in the United States. There were 631 responses generated for the survey.  

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