More Middle Managers Staying Put

October 20, 2004 ( - The number of middle managers searching for new jobs has decreased from last year.

According to a study release by Accenture, only 21% of the 217 middle managers surveyed are currently looking for another job. A year ago, that number was 38%. In addition, 67% of the managers surveyed claimed that they were extremely or very satisfied with their current organizations.

Of those who are currently looking for new jobs, 71% stated that they plan to intensify their job search once the economy rebounds furthers and the job market strengthens, up from 64% a year ago.

Middle manager’s views of the economy are mixed. Only 49% of those surveyed thought that the economy would strengthen in the next year. However, this is higher than the 38% who responded with similar answers last year.

“Stay” Ways

Better pay or benefits topped a list of reasons why middle managers want to find a new job, with better conditions or job prospects a distant second at 14%. Better training and development was the top reason given by 13%, while 12% said a lack of prospects or advancement at their current organization was the reason for the change. Three percent said that they would leave because of their boss.

Managers were complimentary of their companies regarding management (67% thought they were managed well) and working conditions. However, they were less positive about company training and development, compensation and advancement prospects. All three categories had approval ratings hovering around 50%.

The survey was part of an ICR/International Communications Research survey conducted in July. Accenture ( ), the company releasing the survey, is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.