Most Workers Scrooge Their Boss

December 24, 2003 ( - The stockings of America's bosses will be empty Christmas morning, as only 22% of workers got their supervisor a gift for the holidays.

As with last year’s results, women (28%) were more likely than men (16%) to offer a holiday present to their boss. Down from last year’s numbers is the average expenditure of this year’s boss’ gift, $47, down $4, according to the results of a Maritz poll reported by the Associated Press.

Co-workers, on the other hand, will fare slightly better. Thirty-seven percent of American workers had plans to give their co-workers a gift, slightly higher than the 35% with such plans last year. The average outlay will be $77, down from $90 last year.

“Americans are definitely feeling the economic pinch and are trying to limit the amount they spend on co-workers, probably so they have enough to spend on gifts for family, friends and themselves,” said Gloria Park Bartolone , a vice president at Maritz .