Nearly Half of Workers Predict Benefits to be Cut in 2012

December 2, 2011 ( – Forty-eight percent of surveyed workers believe their companies will cut benefits in 2012. 

According to the Randstad Employee Attachment Index, 41% of workers also believe their companies will lay off workers in 2012 and 24% of employees are willing to lose their bonuses or work longer hours to keep their current jobs.

The research found 33% of the most highly engaged employees are likely to leave their employers if offered an enticing new job, while 30% would seriously consider another job offer.

Other key findings include:

•  Thirty-six percent of workers do not feel their company shares their values;

•  Sixty-nine percent of employees enjoy going to work every day;

•  Sixty-four percent believe their efforts at work are recognized and valued. 

•  Twenty-four percent of highly engaged employees are likely to seek a new job in the next six month;

•  Thirty-three percent of highly engaged workers are likely to accept a new job if offered one in the next six months;

•  Seventy-three percent of employees feel secure in their employment compared with 77% last quarter.