Nudist Chef, Salmon Stunner Among 2003's Oddest Jobs

July 18, 2003 ( - Next time someone tells you they are doing "odd jobs," they might not be exaggerating.

Consider the $8.50 an hour nudist chef and $7.50 per hour pay for a salmon stunner – both among the oddest assortment of employment opportunities to be found, according to the fifth annual Odd Jobs Survey conducted by Express Personnel. But not to fret, the nudist chef need not worry about grease splatter, they are merely paid to cook for a nudist colony in Spokane, Washington; the same state that domiciles a fish farm paying temps to stun salmon in a bucket of “sleepy water” so they easily can be tagged.

However, if you think those two are wacky, you obviously have not spent enough time in the HOV lane, or out of it as the case may be. One of the highest paying peculiar employments around (unfortunately only a temporary position) is the $11.00 an hour you make for occupying a seat in a Santa Rosa, California Federal Express delivery van – so that parcel company can circumvent the horrendous Southern California traffic tie ups in the commuter car pool lane.

Perhaps you fancy yourself more of a courtroom drama fan, in which case you are in luck. Another curious career pays folks $10.50 an hour to sit in a room with a trial lawyer and listen to a dry run of the grandstanding they plan to do in court that day.

Those looking for something a bit more “kinky” might find the $6.00/hour assignment to monitor the hoses of a Great Falls, Montana lawn care company.

Monitoring for what? A lawn hose’s greatest threat – kinks – which the successful candidate will be charged with thwarting.