One-Third Admit to Using Work E-mail Inappropriately

April 21, 2011 ( – Thirty-two percent of respondents to a recent survey said they feel they use their company email inappropriately.

According to the research from Lightning Tools, a Microsoft SharePoint solutions provider, more than two-fifths (41%) of the respondents who admitted to using their work e-mail inappropriately explained that they had used it for sending ‘funny images’ to colleagues. Nearly half (48%) stated that they had used it to ‘gossip’ with their co-workers.   

In addition, 11% of the respondents who admitted to using work e-mail inappropriately admitted to ‘flirting’ with other employees in some way, with one respondent claiming to have sent nude images to another employee.  

Seventeen percent said they had used work e-mail to plan ‘social arrangements’ that would take place outside of the office.  

Lightning Tools surveyed 1,238 company e-mail users.