Online Job Availability for February Shows Positive Business Climate

March 29, 2006 ( - During February, all 28 markets tracked by the Monster Local Employment Index saw a moderate to dramatic rise in online job demand.

According to a news release from Monster, metro areas in the western and southern regions saw the sharpest increase in online job availability in February. California markets, such as Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco all rose considerably as well due to strong online demand for IT, business and professional services occupations.

“The surge in the Monster Local Employment Index in February suggests a healthy and confident business climate across all major metro areas in the US,” said Steve Pogorzelski, Group President, International at Monster Worldwide, in the release.

Twenty-seven of 28 local markets rose or held steady for management; business and financial operations; and office and administrative support occupations, indicating strong hiring demand in the corporate sector across major metro areas. All 28 markets saw an increase in the number of online opportunities for sales workers, a category with a large concentration of jobs in retail and wholesale sectors, as well as the corporate sector.

All 28 metro areas also showed increased online job availability for construction and extraction workers last month. For computer and mathematical (IT) workers, online job availability rose in all but one market during the month, with the final market remaining unchanged, while online recruitment efforts for architecture and engineering workers rose in all but two of the local markets in February.