Partnership Creates Solutions for Gig Workers

An alliance between Willis Towers Watson and Stride Health Inc. hopes to expand benefits for independent workers.

In an effort to combat the insufficient benefits gig workers receive, Willis Towers Watson and Stride Health Inc. have teamed up to provide solutions for contingent workers, including contractors and part-time and seasonal employees.

“By 2020, the number of contingent workers is expected by some sources to grow to 40% of the U.S. labor pool,” says Julie Gebauer, leader of human capital and benefits at Willis Towers Watson. “These workers need access to the benefits, security and financial stability that are traditionally available only to full-time employees. We are thrilled to combine our deep expertise with Stride Health’s innovative approaches to help meet the needs of this essential slice of the labor force.”

While Willis Towers Watson will be expected to attract and retain hired talent for employers, Stride Health will work towards adding benefit solutions for these contingent employees. Created in 2014, the benefit provider’s list of offerings on their platform include health coverage, customized dental and vision insurance, care planning and tax guidance and income maximization.

“Together, Willis Towers Watson and Stride Health fill a crucial gap for companies and level the playing field for independent workers, said Noah Lang, co-founder and CEO of Stride Health. With 80% of large corporations planning to increase their use of flexible workforces over the next three years, this partnership ensures this growing segment of the workforce has the resources they need to thrive.”