Second Discrimination Suit For HIV Positive Teen

August 22, 2005 ( - The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sued a Wisconsin restaurant for allegedly ignoring a job application for nineteen-year-old Korrin Krause because she is HIV positive.

Robert Tomlinson, an attorney for the EEOC, said the teenager applied for a job at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Schofield, Wisconsin in February of 2004, the Associated Press reports. After not hearing about the job for a while, Krause claims she returned to the restaurant to update her application and saw that the words “HIV positive” had been written on her application.

Tomlinson says Krause was qualified for the job, so it appears her HIV status is the only reason she was not considered for the position. Krause was born HIV positive.

This is the second such lawsuit for Krause, according to the AP. In 2002, she received a $90,000 settlement in a lawsuit against a grocery store, Quality Foods IGA. After working one day at the grocery store, Krause, then age 16, was fired after a manager called her family to verify her HIV positive status.