Survey Finds Top Interview Blunders

April 27, 2005 ( - has released the results of a recent survey that attempted to find the most memorable interview mistakes.

According to a release from the company regarding the polling of 600 managers, Richard Castellini, the company’s Senior Career Advisor, offered the largest mistakes made:

  • Crying or arguing in the interview.
  • Bringing someone else – family or friends – to an interview.
  • Not showing enthusiasm – for example, by asking for direction to another interview, or by saying you want the job for employee discount.
  • Not showing proper etiquette and manners.
  • Not dressing properly for an interview.
  • Using dirty language or telling improper jokes.
  • Asking questions about security and drug tests, which can make employers suspicious.
  • Drinking or flirting with managers during the interview.

The survey, “Top Interview Mistakes 2005,” was conducted in February and March.