SURVEY SAYS: Employer Recognition of Thanksgiving

My son works for a company that gives employees turkeys for Thanksgiving—something that used to be more common, but now is less so.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Does your company do anything for employees for Thanksgiving?”


Respondents could select all that apply. The majority of responding readers (70.2%) indicated their employer gives them not only Thanksgiving Day off, but also the day after. More than one-third (34%) said there employer does nothing.


Employers host a potluck meal for (12.8%) of respondents, 6.4% said they get a turkey, ham or some other gift, and 4.3% said they participate in a charity effort.


In verbatim comments from readers, some detailed special things their company or office does for Thanksgiving. Other perks were listed, such as free lunches and leaving early the day before Thanksgiving. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I’m really appreciative of the day after Thanksgiving off. Seems like after all the dinner prep and eating, I need a day of rest lol.”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey, and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!



Our company also has a free lunch the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

We get to leave work early the day before Thanksgiving. It really helps with last minute grocery shopping!

US employees get Thanksgiving off; day after is PTO for those lucky enough to get approved.

Thanksgiving is the CEO’s favorite holiday. We cater in a big feast. The CEO’s husband makes his famous pies and we all eat together.

We used to have Turkey day meals until budget cuts.

Just let me go home a few hours early on Wednesday and I am good – don’t really need anything else. I also wish the office was closed on Friday – that would be the best thing to offer.

Back in the day, I remember my manager giving all the employees a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was nice! Not anymore.

Certain divisions of our company get the day after Thanksgiving off, but the division I work in does not.

We are a Hospital so all employees working on Thanksgiving Day receive a free meal.

I work for a non-profit that provides meals to seniors. An amazing number of volunteers and staff deliver meals to seniors on Thanksgiving. For me, that beats my employer giving me a turkey or other item for sure!!!

Years ago turkeys were handed out, then the gift moved to store certificate so vegetarians weren’t left out. Now there’s nothing from the company and Thanksgiving has turned into Black Friday Eve. I miss the good ol’ days! Let’s keep the Thanksgiving a true holiday even as we change as a nation.

Up until a few years ago we used to receive a frozen turkey, which resulted in employees lugging them home on the train and bus. They exchanged the turkey for Friday off, a great trade.

It’s a time for family gathering, sometimes we are even able to leave early the day before Thanksgiving to help with traffic. This feeds back into the whole work/life balance…good bosses allow for that extra family time if needed….and some kick butt food! 🙂

Generally, the employer does nothing for Thanksgiving other than the days off. Employees enjoy getting together for a carry-in meal together.

The 4-day weekend is GREAT! Much more valuable than a free turkey. Also, our cafeteria offers a T-day dinner a few days before the holiday. It’s nice to have one that we don’t have to cook or clean up for! 🙂

We have a potluck, collect canned goods, and leave early on Wednesday for a nice, long weekend. Very thankful for my employer!

I’m really appreciative of the day after Thanksgiving off. Seems like after all the dinner prep and eating, I need a day of rest lol.

As a health care system employees who work on Thanksgiving Day get a free meal in the hospital cafeterias. The rest of us do not receive anything.

My company use to provide a free Thanksgiving dinner during lunch in the cafeteria during Thanksgiving week. Today they are providing this lunch next week but employees have to pay for it.

Love Thanksgiving. On this “uniquely American” holiday, we don’t have to worry that we’ve slighted someone’s faith or nationality (god only knows how the Pilgirms have escaped the ire of the PC police, what with their treatment of native Americans and the reality that they weren’t a bit interested in freedom of all religions, just theirs), but somehow they have. Football, turkey, and family – not necessarily in that order – what else do you need?



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