Transamerica IDEX Launches Short-Term Bond Fund

November 1, 2007 ( - Transamerica IDEX Mutual Funds has announced the offering of TA IDEX Transamerica Short-Term Bond in class A and C shares.

Transamerica Investment Management, LLC (TIM), serves as the fund’s sub-adviser, investing in a diversified selection of 75-125 short-duration, high-quality obligations. The portfolio is lead-managed with two co-managers, who are supported by more than 10 credit analysts and 20 investment professionals at TIM, according to a press release.   The team’s investment approach and expertise focus on companies with sustainable business models, organic growth, and a prudent debt/capital structure.

Short-term bonds are commonly used to help diversify portfolios by adding a steady source of interest income and returns with minimal volatility, and are considered a necessary portion of core bond holdings. TA IDEX Transamerica Short-Term Bond represents a new solution for a portfolio’s short-term bond allocation.

According to the firm, the fund can add support to a portfolio’s core with steady income and minimal volatility due to its low interest rate exposure.

“TA IDEX Transamerica Short-Term Bond represents an exciting addition to our well-established fund family,” said Mike Petko, Executive Vice President, National Sales Manager for Mutual Funds at Transamerica Capital, Inc., the fund’s distributor. “We look forward to offering another attractive, long-term solution to help investors support their portfolio during times of stock or bond market volatility.”

Financial professionals interested in the fund should contact their Transamerica IDEX wholesaling team or call the sales desk at 1-800-851-7555.

Transamerica Investment Management, LLC (TIM), an AEGON company, is a leading asset management firm serving both retail and institutional clients. Its predecessor firm, Transamerica Investment Services, Inc., started in 1967 and TIM was formed in 1999.