U.S. Workers Back Pay Cut for Dream Job

May 16, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Some 82% of American workers in a recent poll said they would be willing to accept a pay decrease if they could get "the job of their dreams."

A news release from job site Monster said overall 76% of workers in the 19 North America and European countries polled gave that answer.

Workers in Ireland topped the charts, with 84% willing to sacrifice compensation for increased job satisfaction. Workers in Switzerland and Italy are not far behind with 82% of their respective respondent pools valuing workplace satisfaction over maximum compensation.

While most workers polled are willing to take a drop in pay for the job of their dreams, workers in Germany, France, and Hungary are more cautious, the release said. Thirty-four percent of workers in France and 27% of workers in Germany are not willing to sacrifice pay for ultimate job satisfaction. Workers in Hungary are least willing to take a cut in pay (38%).

“We see a general consensus among workers around the globe that people are open to pursuing more fulfilling careers, not just a fuller wallet,” said Norma Gaffin, director of career content at Monster, in the news release. “It’s interesting to note that despite some notions of a skittish economy, U.S. workers are still willing to be compensated less for a job that they are really passionate about.”