SURVEY SAYS: Would You Like Your Boss' Job?

October 13, 2011 ( - It may not be on your radar screen yet, but Monday is Bosses Day. 

This week, I asked readers if they would like to have their boss’ job, their hours – and whether they thought they could do a better job.

First off, the bosses out there can quit looking over their shoulders – a full 39% said they weren’t interested, and another 37.3% went so far as to say they didn’t want it “no way, no how!”

Meanwhile, one-in-ten (10.2%) said they did want the job, while 5.1% said they would like it “most days”, and another 8.5% were interested “some days.”

But then, what about the hours?


Nearly a third (30.5%) said they wouldn’t want their boss’ hours “no way, no how,” while another 28.8% simply said no. 

As for the rest of the responses:

15.3% - would like to have their boss’ hours

11.9% - would like to have their boss’ hours – some days

11.9% - would like to their boss’ hours – most days.



And then, I also asked readers if they thought they could do a better job (at their boss’ job).

At this point nearly a third (32.2%) said they couldn’t, while another 13.6% said they couldn’t “no way, no how.”  Just over one-in-ten (10.2%) said they could do a better job.

As for the rest of the group, they said they thought they could do a better job:

28.8% - Some Days

11.9% - Most Days


And then, I asked readers to name one question (besides “can I get a raise?) that they would like to ask their boss.  Here’s a sampling:

Why don't you make other people take responsibility for their job like I do?

Can I work part-time with benefits?

What is your main priority as a "boss/manager"?

Are you planning on doing any work today?

How do you keep such a positive attitude -- ALL THE TIME?

How's the smell up there??

Why does it take you so, bloody long to review anything?  7 months???  Come on!!!!

Come to think of it, there probably isn't anything I couldn't ask him.

When do you plan to retire?

Do you really believe all the rhetoric spewed by the company we're supposed to swallow or really know the truth?


Why did you marry your spouse?

Do you want fries with that?  No really, since I have a good working relationship with my boss, and talk with him at least once a week, (he is over 500 miles away) I just want to say "Thank you for taking the job."  I did not want the other person that applied.  If he had not gotten the job, I would have had to apply for the position.

The less I ask of her, the better off I am.

What is the direction of the firm?

Why do you enforce some things and not others; whatever happened to consistency?

What do you do all day?

Why do you let him get away with it?

Can I get your pay?


Do you agree it's time to promote me?

How are things going...really.

Is there ever a day when a "fire" doesn't need to be put out?

Would it kill you to pay me a compliment every now and then?

What can I do to improve my performance?

Why ya gotta be so mean?

Why do you think hoarding information makes you more important?

How close am I to losing my job?

I don't have any questions that I feel I can't ask him.  We have a very open working relationship.  I couldn't possibly work for a better boss. No one is perfect and I wish I could get more help but on balance he works with me and my foibles and I would rather have his particular style than any other I have worked with in the past and I have worked with ALOT of people in my 30+ year career. 

Why don't you care?

Got any excess cash?

Is being the CEO all that you thought it would be?


And then, I asked for comments about bosses, bosses day, bosses questions, or bossy people:

"I've had some really psycho bosses but I really like my boss now.  We don't always agree but he listens.

I don't do well with very bossy people.  I like those that can make a decision but there's an art to being a boss.  They must lead by example."

Our two bosses our buffer from the vague, arbitrary and nonsensical dramas of top management. It's a lot easier for everyone on our team to actually get work done because our two excellent managers keep us out of the bureaucratic whirlwind as much as humanly possible.

Bosses need to realize the best way to get people to work hard for them is to make sure their efforts are recognized and rewarded. We all work for someone (or most of us do) and want to know our work is valued. Bosses who make it a priority to help those who work for them become more successful will always produce the best results.

Some bosses need to do a better job of lavishing their assistants with such things as a free lunch, coffee, time off, etc....


I would LOVE his hours, or those of his boss (CEO).  My boss works from 9 - 5 and a bit on the train to and fro, plus glancing at his iPad from time to time in the evening.  I wouldn't know what to do with all that free time!

Some are good bosses, some are bad.  Some are bright, some...not so much. Some make you feel like part of the team...some drive you crazy until you let off some steam!  All in all, and please, keep this in mind, bosses are just like you...just better able to kiss someone's behind!

I count my blessings to have a really good boss!

Some were born to lead and other should never be allowed to lead. Unfortunately we have too few of the former and too many of the latter. A big ego and blind ambition should never be confused as quality attributes of leadership.

A terrible holiday, it puts both the boss and the staff in an awkward position.  The boss should not want to make his staff grovel at his feet (or worse, buy him gifts), and the staff don't want to have to compete with the office toady in currying favor.

"Bosses Day" is a dumb idea.


No federal manager’s job is worth the headaches that go with them.  The small increase in pay compared to what I make as a grunt is just not worth the headaches of dealing with my fellow employees on a daily basis.  If the group was a clone of those I currently work with in my group, maybe it would be worth being a manager, but, it would be hard to find another group like the one I am currently in.

My boss lives down south - visits the plant three or four times a year - and stays for about four hours on each visit and still collects a pay check and benefits.  Who wouldn't like that.

I hate that there is a "bosses day."  I am pretty sure that people who know they have a good boss are capable of expressing their appreciation without prompting from Hallmark or whoever invented this "holiday."  For those who don't have a good boss, it puts them on the spot and forces some awkward moments or, perhaps, retribution if the boss doesn't feel sufficiently appreciated.


My boss is great, and very dedicated.  She puts in way more hours than I would like (and more than she should or even needs to, I think).  I couldn't do what she does.

Been fortunate with bosses...have only had a couple who were unsupportive and counter-productive.  Even more fortunate that my time with them was relatively short.  Made me appreciate good bosses.

I have a great boss.  He is a lawyer, I am not.  Therefore, I could not do his job!

Bosses need to remember that they have a huge impact on peoples' behavior. Making cruel jokes about coworkers just promotes it more amongst everyone else.

There are way too many bossy people around.  I get really tired of people who have the answer to solve everyone else's problems but never seem to take a look at themselves.

Waste of a holiday.

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted that “Bosses sure aren't what they used to be.  Bossy people, however, more so.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!