AIS Planning

Plan nameAIS Planning
LocationSt Cloud, MN
Asset size ($mm)$2
IndustryFinancial Planning
Participation rate100%
Average deferral rate10.8%
# of funds offered40
Investment reviewQuarterly
True-up matchYes
Match vesting periodImmediately upon enrollment
EligibilityImmediately upon hire
Default deferral rate5%
Default investmentTDF (all types)
Automatic escalationOpt-out
Systematic withdrawalsYes
Fee equalizationYes
Match rate*
% receiving full match>90%
Maximum employer contribution5%
Financial education 
Investing strategiesYes
College savingYes
Credit/Debt managementYes
Tax/Estate planningYes
Retiree health costs/savings options 
Note: Match rates and employer contributions are simplified for reporting purposes and may have other attributes (e.g., caps/limits, tiers, etc.) not listed here.
*AIS moved to the Safe Harbor Non Elective of 5% in lieu of a match and added a cross tested profit sharing (new comparability).
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