2021 Service Stars  | Individual

Jodi Throdahl

She is willing to calmly take charge of any issues that come up, no matter how much pressure it entails.
  • Recordkeeper Company
    Newport Group
  • Client
    Sterling-Rice Group
  • Industry
  • Client Headquarters
    Boulder, Colorado
  • Plan Assets/Plan Participants

BIO: Jodi Throdahl, senior relationship manager, has worked in the retirement industry for more than 20 years. She joined Newport in 2008 and says she finds the work she does both fascinating and important and is proud to work for the firm.

Since joining Newport Group in 2008, Jodi Throdahl, senior relationship manager, has worn many hats—client service, operations, fund actions team, etc. The “full toolbelt,” as Throdahl puts it.

A representative for one of her clients, brand consultancy and advertising agency Sterling-Rice Group, says she has a positive attitude, delivers outstanding service and is willing to “get into the weeds” to calmly approach challenges, even the thorniest issues, by taking charge of the matter and getting the job done.

That certainly was the case when Throdahl discovered a mix-up of participant census data from the firm. Throdahl intervened well before any affected participants were impacted. She painstakingly researched her client’s data, fixed it, and then thoroughly vetted the rest of the information to ensure that everything was accurate.

“There was a single previous transposition of participant information, but I researched it and also looked to see if there were any additional issues in the database and, thankfully, found that there weren’t any other issues to resolve,” Throdahl says. “It became immediately important to me, because it was important to them,” first to inform them of the issue and then to quickly put any client concerns at ease.

Caring about her clients and their concerns is what makes Throdahl “love her job,” she says. It inspires her to continue to expand her industry knowledge and serve all Newport customers to the best of her and her team’s abilities.

Lee Barney

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