Workers Less Satisfied With Jobs

October 17, 2000 ( - American workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs - the promotion policies, wages and even training. However, they're feeling better about their pensions according to a new survey.

Hewitt Offers Tips for Online Healthcare Enrollment

October 16, 2000 ( - With healthcare enrollment season just around the corner, Hewitt's Sageo has put together a list of Top Ten Tips for Online Healthcare Enrollment that employers can use to help employees make better choices.

Use of Stock Incentives Up Worldwide

October 16, 2000 ( - Employers worldwide are stepping up their use of stock options and other long-term incentives, according to a new Towers Perrin study.

HMO Premiums Could Rise 9% Next Year

October 11, 2000 ( - Employers could be looking at an 8.8% hike in HMO medical care premiums next year, according to the Sherlock Company's Sixth Annual HMO Pricing Survey.

Trends Favor Self-Directed Healthcare

October 10, 2000 ( - Rising costs and employee frustrations with the quality and choice of benefits may push employers toward self-directed healthcare plans with greater flexibility, much as the 401(k) has replaced traditional pension programs, according to a stock analyst report.

Annual Addition Limit To Rise in 2001

October 9, 2000 ( - The maximum annual addition (section 415) limits for defined contribution plans will increase next year to $35,000 from $30,000, the first increase since 1983, according to projections from consultant William M. Mercer.

Fewer Uninsured Thanks to Employer Sponsored Plans

September 29, 2000 ( - Thanks to an increase in employer-sponsored health coverage, the total number of uninsured Americans fell for the first time in 12 years, according to data from the Census Bureau.

Healthy HMO Price Hikes Hit Employer Pockets

September 20, 2000 ( - Health maintenance organization (HMO) premiums are expected to increase as much as 12% next year, putting additional cost pressures on employers.

Web Delivers for HR, Employees

September 11, 2000 ( - A new Towers Perrin study finds that the implementation of HR transactions of the Web has increased two- to threefold in the past year.

Insurance Premiums Rise, But Not for Employees

September 11, 2000 ( - The average monthly premium for employer-sponsored health insurance rose 8.3% over the past year, the largest increase since 1993 according to a new study.

PUSH-ERS – Drugs Push Health Care Costs Higher

September 6, 2000 ( - Employer health care costs are set to increase at double-digit rates, according to a new survey of health insurers, HMOs and third-party administrators by Buck Consultants.

PAY SCALED – Hewitt Finds Variable Pay More Prominent

August 31, 2000 ( - Variable pay continues to expand its popularity among employers, with 78% of surveyed companies now offering at least one variable pay program this year, nearly twice as many (47%) as a decade ago.

GAO Study Finds Pension Coverage Gaps

August 28, 2000 ( - A new report from the General Accounting Office found that over half (53%) of working Americans are still not covered by a pension plan, despite a healthy economy. The study also found that 85% of those not in an employer plan tended to be low income, part-time, young or worked for a relatively small company.

VOODOO ERGONOMICS? – EPF Takes OSHA Estimates to Task

August 25, 2000 ( - A recent survey by the Employment Policy Foundation suggests that proposed ergonomic standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would cost American businesses much more than OSHA's projections.

DOT.COMP – Pay Policies Growing Up

August 23, 2000 ( - Dot.compensation shows some signs of maturation, according to a new survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers' Unifi Network.