IMCA Retirement Corporation

LocationWashington, DC
Asset Size$220.6MM
Number of Participants1,000 – 4,999 Participants
BusinessFinancial Services
Participation rate94%
Avg. deferral rate10.2%
No. of funds offered27
Investment ReviewTwice a year
True-up featureYes
Match Vesting Period5 years
Default deferral rate4%
Default investmentRetail TDF (active)
Systematic withdrawalsYes
Fee equalizationPlanned for 2017
Match Rate100% of first 4% of eligible compensation 
% receiving full match>90%
Max Employer Contribution10.0%
Financial education: 
Investing strategiesx
College saving  
Credit/debt mgtx
Tax/estate planning  
Retiree health costs/savings optionsx
RecordkeeperJohn Hancock Retirement Plan Services
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